AGOMS (Air-Ground Operation Management System) is CAE-AVIATION’s ISR software solution. Developed by our team of geomatics engineers, AGOMS includes a full range of tools allowing the operation of aerial reconnaissance missions both in real-time or off-line.

AGOMS integrates all Moving Map functions into NATO 4609 standard format necessary for an aerial (AGOMS-A) or grounded (AGOMS-G) ISR mission in a multi-user environment.

Thanks to its integrated GIS functions, AGOMS provides all the necessary tools to prepare, operate and log a full ISR mission on GIS, in 3D and over time.

AGOMS can also be used to produce detailed data thanks to a specific module. This module works with models in order to generate automatic and instantaneous documents (mission report, SITAC, statistics, etc.) in different formats (MS OFFICE, KMZ, SHAPEFILES, PDF, HTML, GEOSERVER).

Thanks to its communications module (AGOMS COMS), AGOMS can integrate and distribute all types of geographical data sets in real-time (AIS, mobile tracking, SIGINT, RADAR, etc.).

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