CAE-AVIATION owns around 20 Wescam sensors, all either used by our company on behalf of our clients or directly leased to them:

  • Gyrostabilized Wescam MX10 HD camera equipped with an electro-optical sensor, infrared capability and 200mm zoom.
  • Gyrostabilized Wescam MX15 HD camera equipped with an electro-optical sensor, infrared capability, geopackage, 1,500mm spotter, WALI (wide angle laser illuminator).
  • Gyrostabilized Wescam MX20 HD camera equipped with an electro-optical sensor, infrared capability, geopackage, 3,200mm spotter, WALI (wide angle laser illuminator).






Phase One iXA 180 aerial camera: See characteristics


Vision Map A3 Edge camera: See characteristics





We own several modules allowing image transmission in real-time and high definition, with a line of sight up to 200km. Relays can be installed to increase these transmission capabilities. All of our transmissions are encrypted and can be transmitted to different types of stations, both mobile and fixed.

Once transmitted on the ground, our video stream can be retransmitted over the Internet.


VHF / UHF / VHF marine / COMsat


Images can be transmitted by email directly from the aircraft in a JPEG of KMZ format. These can be useful to send a screenshot of one of the sensors or of a tactical situation managed by AGOMS.


All of our aircraft are equipped with a satellite phone, integrated into the console, and which can be used for communications without transmission range constraint.




The ROIM (Renseignement d’Origine Image) expertise is an essential entity of the ISR component of CAE-AVIATION. It is involved in every phase of the mission, whether surveillance or reconnaissance.

During the first phase of the mission, also known as flight design, the ROIM unit serves as a technical and tactical solution to meet the clients’ needs.

The second phase, which involves flight preparation, is carried out with the crew and allows the definition of areas to cover and determination of when and how to collect useful information.

Finally, the information collected can then be used in real-time (by a mobile or fixed infrastructure) or off-line in order to develop a detailed image and video mission report. The ROIM unit, further used to transmit the mission’s report, manages the database and logging of past missions.

The tool we use for mission preparation, conduct, operation and management is called AGOMS (AIR-GROUND OPERATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM). Dedicated to image-based surveillance and reconnaissance missions, the AGOMS application is a turnkey tool which allows management of all phases of the mission thanks to a 3D geographical information system.

Our other area of expertise is ROIM training.

Our professional image analysts can offer training for photo-interpreters. The month-long training is generally done onsite.

Training is done with the AGOMS software and allows photo-interpreters to gain not only experience of mission design and preparation, but also data collection, processing and interpretation.





Mobile station (SHELTER)

This large mobile station can house a large number of sensors (radar, antenna, beacon, and camera). It can accommodate 3 operators working at 3 different stations. The container has air conditioning, heating and armored walls.

CAE-AVIATION offers clients full design of this device onto different types of vehicles.




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